Press release

At the beginning of the year, Tempomedia partners Vera Portz, Alexander Schildt, Ralf Schipper and former Jung von Matt manager Florian Panier founded their new production company TEMPOMEDIA PICTURES, based in Hamburg.

“With over 30 years of experience in film and advertising and a portfolio of directors who have been successfully realizing feature films and series for years in addition to commercials, TEMPOMEDIA PICTURES is a logical step into the future for us.” explains Alexander Schildt, Executive Producer and Partner.

TEMPOMEDIA PICTURES develops and produces national and international feature film and series formats for linear and streaming channels.

Vera Portz, Executive Producer and Partner, says: “We are currently launching our first project and are excited to work on relevant and unseen stories with top-notch writers.”

The goal is to provide corporate brands with new and direct access to feature films and series beyond the typical product placement. In addition to a superior integration into the plot, the reach of the distribution channels offers enormous potential for modern brand communication.

“Nothing emotionalizes as strongly as movies and reaches so many so easily.” emphasizes Florian Panier, Executive Producer and Partner.